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Frequently Asked Questions

Before choosing an AC stabilizer check the voltage, current and power rating of the appliance. 

Everest AC stabilizer is designer with display to see important details like input voltage, output voltage and protection modes that are activated like low voltage, high voltage, overload cut-off, etc. 

No, modern Televisions don’t require any external stabilizer. 

You may use AC without stabilizer at your own risk. A stabilizer helps in feeding a load when there is voltage fluctuation and regulates the AC.

No, Stabilizers don’t increase or decrease the electricity bill. 

No, the working range of both the appliances are different.

An inverter with a continuous rating of around 1500 watts and a peak rating of around 3500 watts is recommended.

UPS is more efficient as it powers the appliances without delay and fluctuation. 

Yes all electronic devices can be connected to UPS. 

In a day, a water heater can be used on an average for three hours.

A fan can be used continuously for 8 hours without any worry of damage. 

Check the CFM, Motor, Blades and efficiency of the fan you buy.

Usually 5 blades is better than 3 blades as it cuts the air more number of times and increases the air circulation. 

The normal ratio of water to rice in a rice cooker is 1:1.

The cooked rice remains warm upto 11 to 12 hours in the rice cooker. 

A standard rice cooker consumes around 620-700 watts to cook and approximately 30-45 watts to keep the cooked rice warm. 

Typically irons between 40-45 inches length are recommended.

Yes, you can use pressure cooker on induction stove.

Yes the emergency light comes with charger power cord.

Duration : 3 Hours / Strongest Light (2 tubes), 1.5 Hours / Strongest Light (4 tubes), 80 Hours / Weakest Light (2 tubes), 50 Hours : / Weakest Light (4 tubes)