This Privacy Policy is applicable  to any system, website, applications or software, services given by Everest stabilizer that refers to or connects to the Privacy Policy (together, our “Services”). The Privacy Policy is applicable to all employees, vendors, contractors, partners, consumers and influencers etc. irrespective of whether you access a computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV, or other gadgets to use our Services.


We gather different kinds of details in connection with the Services, such as :
Information you submit directly to us;
Information we gather relating to your use of our Services; and
Information we get from third-party sources.

We also utilize the details we gather in various forms to you at the place of collection, or otherwise with your knowledge.

We use the details we gather (and may relate it with other details about you) to, among other things:

Offer the Services you request;
Know the way you utilize the Services so that we can enhance your experience; and
Offer tailor-made content and advertising.
We also utilize the data we collect in ways explained to you at the place of collection, or otherwise with your knowledge.

We may share your details with:
Business partners—renowned companies that may give details regarding products and services you may like.
Service providers—companies that offer services for or in the name of Everest Stabilizer Group.
Law enforcement—when it is necessary to do so or to secure Everest Stabilizer Group and its users.


Everest Stabilizer and our affiliates (“Everest Stabilizer,” “we,” “us,” “our”) understand how significant is it to protect the privacy of our customers, and we thereby are very careful on how we collect, utilize, disclose, transfer and save your data. The Privacy Policy applicable to the Everest Stabilizer devices, websites or online applications that relate to or connect to the Privacy Policy (collectively, our “Services”).

This Privacy Policy applicable to the Services, however any extra consent will be taken for specific data processing activities.

Kindly note that the Privacy Policy is applicable to your usage of Everest Stabilizer gadgets (which are few of the Services under this Privacy Policy, including our websites, applications or software). It also relates to regardless of whether you access a computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV, or other device to use our Services. It is significant that you go through the Privacy Policy precisely because anytime you use our Services, you consent to the practices we explain in the Privacy Policy. If you do not accept to the practices explained in the Privacy Policy, you may not access our Services.

It is also significant that you verify back constantly for updates to the Privacy Policy. If we edit the Privacy Policy, and we believe it to be material, we shall project the same by submitting a note on relevant Services. By accessing our Services after we have submitted such a notice, you agree to the new practice(s) seen in the update. The latest version of the Privacy Policy will always be posted here . You can look out fir the “effective date” stated at the top to see when the Privacy Policy was edited latest.

What information do we gather about you?

Information you submit directly

Certain Services allow you to give us details directly. For example:

Certain Services allow users to create accounts or profiles. With regard to these Services, we might ask you to give certain details about yourself to create the account or profile. For instance, you can give certain details about yourself, like your name and email address, when you access a login account with us.

Certain services allow you to speak with other people. Those communications will be conveyed through and saved on our systems.

Details about your use of the Services

Apart from the information you give, we may gather details about your Services satisfaction through software on your gadget and other means. For instance, we may ask:

Device Details—like your hardware model and other distinct device identifiers, MAC address, IP address, operating system type, and functions of the device you use to enjoy the Services. Log data-like the time and period of your service access, search query policies you give through the Services, and any data saved in cookies that we have changed on your device.

Location Details—like your gadget’s GPS signal or detail about nearby WiFi access entry and network towers that may be communicated to us when you use particular services.

Other detail about your service usage, like the apps you access, the websites you login, and how you communicate with content provided through a Service.

Details from third-party sources - We may get details about you from public and commercial sources (as allowed by law), which we may match with other information we get from or regarding you. We also may get details about you from other social networking platforms when you opt to connect with such services.

If you buy a product or paid service through internet, the third-party agencies playing online activities may enquire for your name, contact details, shipping and billing address(es), and credit card details for processing your order.

Other details we take - We also may get other details about you, your gadget, or your usage of the Services in methods that we explain to you at the collection point or otherwise with your permission which is obtained at the time you begin using our services.

You may opt to not provide us with some details (e.g., information we ask during account registration), but doing so may affect your ability to use some Services.

How do we use your details? - We may use details we collect for the enlisted purposes to:

a. enroll you or your gadget for a Service;
b. offer a Service or provide you request;
c. offer customised content and give suggestions depending on your prior activities on our Services;
d. for advertising, like giving customised advertisements and sponsored content (like through our advertising platform, which gives you opportunity to learn more about here) and send you marketing communications;
e. for analyzing and assessing of our market, clients, products, and services (such as asking you for your point of view on our products and services and conducting customer surveys);
f. know the way people acceess our Services so that we can upgrade them and create new products and services;
g. offer maintenance services for your device;
h. Plan free prize drawings, prize competitions or promotions, as allowed by law; and otherwise with your acceptance.
i. Match information we gather from you and apply it for purposes on line with this Privacy Policy.

To whom do we give your information? - We will not share your information to third party agencies for their own personal marketing or business requirement without your permission. However, we may share your information to the below entities without your acceptance:

Affiliates. Your details may be used amongst the Everest Stabilizer and affiliates.
Business Partners. We also may use your details among trusted business partners. These entities may use your details to give you with services you ask(e.g., video content offered by Netflix through SmartTV), make assumptions about your opinion and may offer you with promotional items, advertisements and other stuffs.
Service Providers. We also may share your details to third party agencies that offer services for or on behalf of us, like companies that operate service centres, support us with billing or that communicate emails in our place. These entities have limitation in their capability to use your details for purposes apart from offering services for us.
Other Parties When asked by law or as required to Protect Our Services. There may be situations when we share your details to other parties to:
a. abide with the law or communicate to follow legal process (like search warrant or other court order, etc.);
b. check or enforce compliance with the terms relating to our Services; and
c. Guard the rights, assets, or safety of Everest Stabilizer Group, or any of our specific affiliates, business partners, or customers.

Other agencies related With Corporate Transactions. We may share your details to a third party in relation to a merger or transfer, or in a situation of a bankruptcy.

Other agencies With Your permission or At Your Direction. Also to the disclosures explained in this Privacy Policy, we may disclose details about you with third parties when you agree to or ask for such sharing.

Your options. We give different choices about how we your information is used. You can make options about whether to get promotional messages from us by using the unsubscribe terms included in the message. Also, you can also usually make options in your settings in your account registration.

And you may choose certain Services or when we give you a prior notice.

What do we do to keep your details safe? We have certain good physical and technical features to protect the information we gather related to the Services. However, kindly note that although we take every right steps to safeguard your details, no website, web communication, computer application or wireless connection is absolutely safe and secure.

Permission to International Transfer of information: By accessing or taking part in any Service and/or giving us with your detail, you agree to the gathering, transfer, save and processing of your data outside of your resident country, on par with this Privacy Policy. kindly note that the data safety and other legal terms of countries to which your data may be transferred might not be as similar as those in your nation.

Using Your Information: You may have the control to request information about the details we collect and to edit inaccuracies in that details. Any more legal user rights stay unaffected. If allowed by law, we may ask you a small charge for offering you with this ability. We may reject to process orders that are suspiciously repetitive, need disproportionate technical work, compromise the privacy of others, are totally impractical, or for which use is not otherwise permitted by local law. If you would wish to make a request to use your details, please call our customer service department at

Data Retention: We take every steps to make sure that we store information related to you only for till it is necessary for the requirement for which we collected, or as necessary under any contract or by existing law.

Third-Party Links and Products on Our Services: Our Services may connect to third-party web pages and services that are beyond our control. We are not answerable for the safety or privacy of any details collected by such sites or other services. You should be cautious, and understand the privacy statements that apply to the third-party sites and services you access.

We also may sell to you some products or services (e.g., apps posted through app stores) created by third parties. Everest Stabilizer Group is not accounatable in any type whatsoever for these third-party products or services.

Third Parties that give Content, Advertising or Functionality on Our Services: Certain content, advertising, and features on our Services may be given by third parties that are not connected to us. For example:
a. We allow you to see video content given by companies like Netflix through SmartTV;
b. Third parties create apps that we provide through the different apps of the Everest Stabilizer Group;
c. Some third parties may provide advertising or analyze the advertisements users view, how many times they see such advertisements, and what users react to them; and
d. We allow you to disclose certain materials on the Services with outsiders by social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn.
e. These third-party agencies may gather or receive particular data about your utilization of the Services, such as the use of cookies, beacons, and same technologies, and this detail may be gathered over time and matched with data collected from various websites and online services. Certain companies take part in industry-developed applications developed to give consumers options about whether to get certain advertising.

If you access with a social networking platform, we may get and save authentication data from that service to allow you to access, as well as other data that you let us to receive when you use these services.

Also, kindly note that if you opt to use a social networking platform on a gadget used by people apart from you, those other people may be able to view data saved or published related to your account on the social networking platforms you use.

Cookies, Beacons and Similar Technologies: We, and some third parties that give content, advertising, or other features on our Services, may utilize cookies, beacons, and other technologies like internet of things (IOT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) some places of our Services.

Cookies: Cookies are tiny sized files that save data on your system, TV, mobile phone or other gadgets. They allow the agency that post the cookie on your system to identify you in various websites, services, gadgets, and/or browsing periods.

Cookies serve other beneficial purposes. For example:

a. Cookies can store your login credentials so you needn’t enter credentials every time you access a service.
b. Cookies support us and third parties know which portions of our Services are the highly popular as they support us to view which pages and functions visitors are using and how much duration they are viewing the pages. By analyzing this kind of details, we are capable to use the Services and give you with a upgraded experience.
c. Cookies support us and third party agencies know which promotions you have viewed so that you don’t get the same advertisement every time you use a Service.
d. Cookies support us and third party agencies give you with specific content and marketing by gathering data related to your service usage and other websites and apps.
When you access a web browser to use the Services, you can set your browser to agree all cookies, suspend all cookies, or notify you when sending a cookie. Every browser is unique, so see the “Help” option of your browser to know how to edit your cookie options. The operating system of your system may have additional settings for cookies.

kindly note, however, that certain services may be made to work using cookies and that knocking out cookies may bring down your ability to access those Services, or some portion of them.

Other Local Storage: We, together with some third parties, may use different types of local storage methods, like Local Shared Objects (also known as “Flash cookies”) and HTML5 local storage, in relation with our Services. These methods are as same as to the cookies stated above in that they are saved on your system and can be accessed to save particular data about your performance and preferences. However, these methods may make utilize various portions of your device from standard cookies, and so you may not be able to keep them in control using standard browsing tools and settings. For details about disabling or erasing details available in Flash cookies, check out here.

Beacons: We, together with certain third party agencies, also may use methods called beacons (or “pixels”) that transit data from your system to a server. Beacons can be connected in online content, videos, and emails, and can permit a server to understand particular type of data from your device, know when you have seen a specific content or a specific email message, estimate the time and date on which you seen the beacon, and the IP address specified on your system. We and specific third parties utilize beacons for a different reasons, such as to analyse the use of our Services and (in relation with cookies) to offer content and advertisments that are more applicable to you.

As your access and use our Services, you agree to saving of cookies, other local storing methods, beacons and other data on your devices. You also agree to the use of such cookies, local storage methods, beacons and data by us and by the third parties specified above.

If you opt to make a query about our using of your personal detail, you may reach  us using the information specified in this Privacy Policy with your complete name and contact information and a complete explanation of your query. We will use necessary steps to reply to you at the earliest to acknowledge your query and communicate you of the next course of action we will taking to resolve your query.

Further details

If you have any particular query and:

a) If you are an outside party like customer, dealer etc. of Everest Stabilizer

You may opt to visit our website any time to verify or review or edit the below information or data given by you by communicating to us through email or customer care number specified on our website

b) If you are Everest stablizer staff or staff of our group, Kindly speak to your respective helpdesk

Give customised content and make suggestions: We may use details we gather to give you with customised content and make suggestions that depend in part on your previous activities on our Services. For instance, Your SmartTV gives recommendations related to video content you may like. Kindly visit the settings option on your system or service for data about privacy options you may have to you in relation with these services.

Upgrade them and create new products and services: We may use details we collect to know the way you access the products and services we give so that we can upgrade them and create new products and services. For instance, we may use this details to make well informed decisions about the model of our gadgets and the choice of Everest Stabilizer Group and third-party agencies content that is used through our devices and services.

Affiliates: The term ‘affiliates’ is known as the companies related to Everest Satbilizer. by same ownership or control.